Blog 11 January 2018

How to Make Your Life Amazing by Following Your Excitement


The number one thing that you can do to have a better life is to follow your joy and excitement. What does that mean? It means that in any given moment you should feel (not think, but FEEL) what activity makes you the most excited and do that. Apply this strategy throughout the day for everything: chores, work, relationships, choices, etc.

Check out this video on how to do that:




If you have to perform something that you don’t enjoy doing, wait until a later time when you may feel better about it. For example, if you have to do chores and you don’t feel any excitement about doing that in a particular moment, wait until you start feeling better about that activity. Your energy levels and vibration can increase during the day and you may get an urge to do them at a later time. Follow your excitement. If you’d rather relax first and then do chores, then this is the order that you should go with.

Pay attention to your emotions and intuition. You will see how you will start attracting fun experiences into your life. By choosing the options that make you feel good, you will be presented with more options that make you happier. You will then have positive emotions, you will stay at a high vibration and experience a higher frequency. This can help you manifest amazing things using the Law of Attraction, even if you don’t know what you want! If you have trouble deciding between two possibilities, always choose the one that makes you feel good.

This strategy is absolutely amazing. It lets you live better without much effort (because you will only be doing things that you ENJOY and that bring you EXCITEMENT) and without having to specifically decide what you want to manifest. By following what brings you joy and bliss, you will automatically start attracting awesome things into your life.

If you don’t believe that it can be this simple to create an incredible life for yourself, then try it out and see how things can change for the better. Follow your joy!




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