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Powerful Law of Attraction Formula Manifest Anything You Want Fast


What is the Law of Attraction? Find out how to use the Law of Attraction correctly in 2018 to manifest your desires quickly or even instantly. This is the ultimate guide on manifesting what you want: money, wealth, relationships, winning the lottery and more using the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration.


Are you wondering how you can manifest what you desire? Are you thinking to yourself "how do I get anything I want?" Do you want awesome stuff but don’t know how to get it? Did you see some cool things on Amazon  but can’t afford them? Maybe you are wondering how to manifest money and abundance or something else? You may have heard of the Law of Attraction, which has gained popularity in the last few years with the book and movie The Secret. Maybe you have even tried a manifesting course or a manifestation meditation and are still wondering how to make your dreams a reality.


Watch this video on how to manifest anything you wish and continue reading below for an explanation of each step.





What is the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration


Is the Law of Attraction real? This is not just some “woo woo” idea, but something that is actually based on quantum physics and science. If you search online for “law of attraction youtube” or “the secret law of attraction” you will find specific explanations of how this works and countless Law of Attraction success stories. People apply it to get wealth, win the lottery, attract a specific person, find love, and more. Many use a Law of Attraction planner, a Law of Attraction journal, or a vision board to write their manifestation goals, visualize the object or outcome they desire, and document what they manifest.


How does the Law of Attraction work? It basically focuses on the idea that like attracts like, meaning that positive thoughts attract positive experiences and negative thoughts attract negative experiences. So if you think good things, you get good results. This is the simple explanation, but we will go into more detail below.


Something that many people don’t know is that this law is also affected by the Law of Vibration, which focuses on the fact that everything in the universe is energy and vibrations and that what you attract into your life depends on your energetic vibration and frequency. Hence, it is important to raise your vibration and keep it high in order to get what you want. This will make more sense in our explanation below of the importance of feelings when it comes to manifesting anything you want.


If you would like more details, proof that it works, etc., you can get more information on the Law of Attraction and why everyone is talking about it. Now let’s focus on the important part: HOW to use it to manifest quickly the things that you would like to have in your life. The tips on this page are the key to living the Law of Attraction and using it to attract what you desire. A theory is one thing, but actual daily practice is what matters.


So what is the Law of Attraction? It’s an amazing tool that you can use to attract what you want and manifest your desires! This refers to manifesting money, love, or any other type of abundance or thing in your life. The formula on this page is your ultimate guide on attraction and manifestation. For more detailed explanation of this, check out the following books.



Manifesting Using the Law of Attraction


Many people don’t know how to use the Law of Attraction correctly to manifest their desires fast. You can “manifest” anything you want. The process for you can be simple or it can be difficult. This depends on your intentions, beliefs, emotions, and actions.


How do you feel right now? Happy? Sad? Something else? If your answer is a positive emotion, you are currently attracting positive things and experiences into your life. If your answer is a negative emotion, then you are attracting negative stuff. Ever wonder why happy people are always “lucky” and get what they want? Or why negative people are always complaining about bad things happening to them? Do you know anyone like that? We attract what we think about, what we believe and what we feel. You have probably heard the phrase that thoughts become things.


When it comes to using the Law of Attraction, three words are usually the focus: ask, believe, receive. You ASK for what you want, you BELIEVE you can have it, and you wait to RECEIVE it.


Below you will find some tips on how to use the Law of Attraction to bring amazing things into your life. The following ideas have proven useful for us, so we would like to share them with you. There is a lot of information on the internet about strategies and ways to apply the Law of Attraction. We have read so many articles, watched numerous videos and tried a ton of suggestions. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t.


Here are the steps that we found actually work (at least they did for us and for other people who have tried them). Some of them may seem cheesy or hocus pocus, but if you really make the effort and focus, they will work! These tips for manifesting what you desire may seem simple, but they are very powerful and effective when using the Law of Attraction.



The Law of Attraction 7 Steps Manifesting Formula


  1. Remove all negative emotions & limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind (anything that prevents you from believing and feeling good)
  2. Set specific intentions & describe in detail what you want to manifest
  3. Visualize your goal for 68 seconds and believe you already have it
  4. Feel positive emotions: love and gratitude
  5. Expect to get it and let go
  6. Take inspired action
  7. Be grateful after you successfully manifest what you want


If used correctly, this formula can be successful for the following:


-          How to manifest money & wealth

-          How to manifest a job

-          How to manifest a relationship

-          How to manifest love

-          How to manifest a house

          How to manifest your dreams

-          How to manifest anything you want fast


How to Manifest What You Want: the Process



***IMPORTANT: WHAT OTHERS MAY NOT HAVE TOLD YOU. This is a crucial step to manifesting your dream and attracting your desires faster.***


This is a very important step and something that you must address before you start manifesting. Many Law of Attraction strategies miss this key fact in the manifestation process. You can set an intention and think you believe something and wait to receive it, but if you have subconscious blocks, you won’t be successful with the Law of Attraction. Since belief is a crucial part of manifesting, it is necessary to remove any negativity from your subconscious mind that might be limiting your beliefs.


When you decide on a goal that you would like to manifest, carefully examine what you believe about it and how you feel about it. Be honest about your fears. Make a list of the reasons why you might not want your goal to manifest. That should help you become aware of your limiting beliefs. If there are no reasons why you might not want to manifest something, then you most likely have no limiting beliefs. Otherwise, you will have to replace those negative beliefs with positive ones before you can start manifesting your desires.


What you manifest using the Law of Attraction depends on your subconscious programming. Consciously you may want something and you might think that you have a positive attitude toward it, but your subconscious mind may be cluttered with negative beliefs about it.


You may think that you believe something, but your subconscious might not agree. If you’re not manifesting what you want, you may have to reprogram your subconscious mind and clear any limiting beliefs and negative emotions.


You could have limiting beliefs and blocks that would have to be removed before you can see results. For example, if you can’t manifest money, think about what your thoughts are about money. Are they positive or filled with fear and doubt? You will need to analyze your thoughts and feelings about the thing or experience that you are trying to manifest.


If you have any type of resistance (any negative emotions such as fear, doubt, anger, anxiety, guilt, etc.), associated with what you want to manifest, you will not have success with the Law of Attraction.


It is very important that you recognize and clear your conscious and subconscious limiting beliefs before you start manifesting what you desire.


TIP 1: Say mentally to yourself the statement that you think you “believe in” and see how that makes you feel. For example: “I believe that I can win $1,000,000 from the lottery.” Do you notice butterflies in your stomach, anxiety, or some other weird feeling? If so, you most likely have limiting beliefs and need to reprogram your subconscious mind. How can you become a millionaire if you don’t believe that you can?? You HAVE to believe something at the subconscious level in order to manifest it.


TIP 2: Try muscle testing. This interesting technique can reveal very useful insights about your feelings and beliefs that you may not be aware of. You can use it for the same statements that you used for the exercise above. Here are some examples of ways to do that.



How to Remove Limiting Beliefs that Prevent You from Manifesting Your Goals


Once you have identified your limiting beliefs and negative emotions, you can begin to reprogram your subconscious mind. It can actually be very simple. There are many techniques that you can learn and read about, such as repeating affirmations and practicing meditation.


What we found to be the most effective is using subliminal messages because they pass the threshold of conscious awareness and go straight to your subconscious mind. There are many Law of Attraction affirmations and meditation exercises on YouTube that people suggest, but if you are consciously aware of the messages, your mind is likely to resist them. This is why we believe that subliminal messages are more effective than simply repeating affirmations consciously. These can be audio and/or visual subliminals. There is also Law of Attraction hypnosis that many experts provide.


TIP 3: Listen to and/or watch subliminal messages (audio and/or visual) for at least 21 days (usually the recommended time is 21 days to 3 months). It can take up to 3 months for some ideas and beliefs to sink into your subconscious mind. Yes, it won’t be instantaneous, but a few months is not that long after all. It could be worth the wait if you think about all the amazing things that you would be able to attract and manifest after that! You can also listen to a subliminal results booster to speed up your progress.


You can search for videos with subliminal messages on YouTube or other websites. This one is our personal favorite. We are not associated with them in any way. We just found them to be very effective. This is only a suggestion and you can search for other YouTube subliminal channels that might resonate with you.


Another good way to reprogram your subconscious mind and remove your limiting beliefs and negative emotions is called EFT (emotional freedom technique). Here you can learn more about it and find many examples on how to do that for different goals that you are trying to manifest.


Once you have identified and removed any limiting beliefs and negative feelings about your goals, you can start the actual manifesting process with the Law of Attraction.





Decide exactly what you want to manifest. Set an intention.


Make sure to answer these important questions: What? When? Why? How? (What specifically do you want? By when do you want it? Why do you want it? How will it benefit you and others?)


If you are not specific, you might get random results or worse yet, confuse the universe and not get any results.


For example, let’s say that you decide that your intention is to manifest a new car by November 30th of this year. Now be specific. What model is it? What color? How much do you want to pay for it? Describe the car in detail and list all of its features. You can’t attract something that isn’t specified. It would be like going on Amazon and saying that you want to buy a TV without providing any other information. There are so many types of TVs with so many different features. You have to pick something specific: color, price, size, etc. The same principle applies when you are using the Law of Attraction to manifest anything. Make sure to also answer the questions “why do you want this new car” and “what benefit it will bring you and others”.


TIP: Do your research carefully. Do you want a specific object? Research its characteristics, price, size, color, etc. Find out your preferred type, brand, its features and anything else that could be helpful in getting what you desire.


Knowing the specifics of what you want to manifest will also help you with the next step of visualizing your goal. You can write this in your Law of Attraction planner or journal if you use one.


IMPORTANT: Please note that your level of desire is crucial! On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how much do you actually desire the object or outcome that you are trying to manifest? Make sure that you know your level of desire before you start attracting anything into your life.



manifesting law of attraction vibration energy






In order to attract something, you have to BELIEVE that you can have it. When it comes to manifesting your dream, your level of belief determines the outcome. If you don’t believe it, you won’t get it. Trying to manifest winning the lottery? Do you believe that it’s actually possible? Want a Lamborghini? Do you believe that you can actually have it? It is important that you visualize and believe that you ALREADY HAVE what you are interested in manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how much do you actually believe that you can have what you want? If you're waiting for a manifestation miracle, it won't happen if you don't believe that it is possible.


If you have the feeling of WANT, that communicates to the universe that you are actually LACKING what you need, and so you won’t get your request. You have to substitute the feeling of “want” with that of “I already have it.” This is key in manifesting your desires.


The Sweet Spot for making the Law of Attraction work for you: The key secret on how to manifest what you want quickly (even instantly or in 24 or 48 hours) in your life comes down to hitting the sweet spot, which means having a burning desire and a strong belief in the possibility of what you are attracting. This was described by Napoleon Hill in his bestselling book Think and Grow Rich. You should also follow your joy and that will help manifest your desires faster.


A very important step in manifesting what you want is to visualize your goal with positive feelings attached to it for 68 seconds. That is the “magic” number, but you can also hold the visualization for longer if you want to.


TIP 1: Imagine yourself ALREADY HAVING what you would like to manifest and feel extremely joyful about it. Now visualize this for 68 seconds. You can’t get distracted during this time. Your thought needs to be focused, clear and pure.


For example, imagine that you are in your dream car right now. What does it feel like? What does it smell like? What music is on the radio? Involve all of your senses (see, touch, smell, taste, hear) and BELIEVE this is actually happening and that you ALREADY HAVE it. Do this for 68 seconds.


Using your senses creates a complete picture and makes the experience more real. Imagine the scenario just like you did when you were a child and played a pretend game. Think, how would a kid visualize this situation? What would they do to make it seem more real? How did you make things seem real when you were little? Use those strategies to visualize and believe that you already have what you want and are already experiencing what you would like to manifest.


TIP 2: If you would like to manifest more money, some cool new gadgets, etc., try the following exercise. Go on Amazon and start adding to your shopping cart everything that you would like to buy. You don’t have to actually buy the products. You are just adding them to your cart as if you are really shopping. This is a great exercise to strengthen your belief that what you want is actually happening. When you see your items in the shopping cart, it’s easier to imagine that you ALREADY HAVE them.


TIP 3: Get excited about what you are visualizing! Feel happy when you think about it. Believe that you deserve it.


TIP 4: Imagine that other people also receive what you manifested. Some experts state that when you visualize others having the same thing as your wish, the power of the manifestation gets amplified and you attract it more easily and faster. So let’s say you want to manifest $3000. Imagine your friends also receiving $3000, everyone in your city receiving $3000, etc. Feel excited about everyone getting the amount of money that you manifested for yourself.


TIP 5: If you are still having trouble believing, you can try the “wouldn’t it be nice if” exercise. This simply means that you form statements using “what if” or “wouldn’t it be nice if.” For example, you can say “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a new TV?” or “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a new car?” This should make it easier for you to image the scenario and visualize what that experience would be like.


TIP 6: Write out in your Law of Attraction planning journal how you are visualizing your manifested goal. When you write, you get your mind more focused. Instead of spending a few seconds visualizing, writing ideas takes longer and your mind will be engaged for a longer period.


If you are still having trouble visualizing and believing, then go back to the beginning and work on removing your limiting beliefs.





Everything is energy. The universe communicates through emotions and frequencies. How you feel determines what you attract. When you experience an emotion, your body gives off a certain energetic vibration. You match a specific “frequency.” This is where the Law of Vibration comes in. It's important to connect emotionally to what you intend to manifest. Feeling love and gratitude increases your vibration. These are the most powerful emotions that you can experience.


Think of this like a radio. You can’t listen to the radio station that you want if you don’t get a signal! It’s absolutely necessary that you tune your signal to the right vibration.


TIP 1: Feel love for yourself to attract a significant other. Feel love for money if you intend to manifest wealth. Feel love for a car if that’s what you would like to attract, etc. If feeling love for an object sounds weird to you, then you can try feeling gratitude for having it instead.


Feel grateful that you ALREADY HAVE what you want. Think that you already manifested it, that you LOVE it and be THANKFUL for this. Also, be grateful for what you currently have in your life. So for example, if you are trying to manifest more money, be grateful for the money that you have right now. This sounds simple, but it actually works! However, you have to actually FEEL grateful. You can’t just say that you are if you don’t believe it. Then it won’t work.


TIP 2: Take a walk in nature and notice how different your energy feels. Nature can help you vibrate at a higher frequency, which is what you need to be able to manifest good things into your life. Once you are in a park or some other location where you can connect with nature, try adding the feelings of love and gratitude and notice how much better you feel. This is a powerful formula for raising your vibration. Once you are in this high vibration state, start visualizing your goal as mentioned in step 2 above.


TIP 3: List what you are grateful for in present tense. Make it a daily habit before you go to sleep and right after you wake up to think, say, or write at least 5 things that you are grateful for. This gets you in the habit of feeling good and grateful.


TIP 4: Think about what manifesting your goal would bring you. How would it make your life better? What would it allow you to do? Again, think in present tense, not future. What would be happening right now? For example, why do you want more money? You could say that you want more money because it allows you to travel to exotic islands. Now imagine what it would be like to relax there right now. Focus on the effect that attracting money would have. It’s also useful to think about sharing the money that you get with others. What people would you give money to? What charities would you donate to?


Thinking in these terms can raise your vibration. This is also helpful if you have limiting beliefs because by focusing on the effect that your manifested goal would have, you are not directly focusing on your goal. So if you are working on manifesting abundance and have a limiting belief about money, but you don’t have a limiting belief about traveling, then thinking about all of the traveling that you would do with the money that you manifest should make it easier to use the Law of Attraction.


Remember that you have to stay in a high vibration when it comes to attracting your goal, which means thinking good thoughts and feeling positive emotions. Actually, you should be in high vibration all the time, even though that is more difficult to do. Otherwise, you will be distancing yourself from what you are trying to manifest.


Remember, high vibration (feeling good and happy) = positive experiences; Low vibration (feeling bad) = negative experiences.


No matter how you feel throughout the day, you should try to always feel good and excited about the goal that you would like to manifest.


If you have a tendency to be negative or get in a bad mood, you can create positive daily reminders to transform low vibrational energy and bring you back to high vibration. These are reminders throughout your day that help you feel good about what you are manifesting.


Try to stay aware of your mood and feelings during the day and as soon as you notice that you are getting off track, bring yourself back to feeling good and thinking positive thoughts. So even if you get in a bad mood about something, you can quickly remind yourself to get back on the positive side.


TIP 5: You can set an alarm on your phone that goes off a few times a day and reminds you to become aware of how you feel in that moment. Replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. Get excited about your goal and think happy thoughts about it as if you already have it (for example, you can say to yourself “I love my new TV!” You can also post notes around your house that include a happy phrase related to your goal, so every time you look at it, you will be reminded to stay positive. This helps with your belief and staying in high vibration. In addition, you can use other visual reminders such as a screen saver, the wallpaper on your computer, etc.





After completing the steps above, just let go and wait for your desire to manifest. Don't check if it's happening and don't ask how it will happen. You don’t have to know HOW it will happen. Just trust the process and believe that it will arrive soon (but you have to actually believe it, otherwise you’ll just be wasting your time). Don’t be impatient or anxious. If you NEED it, you won’t get it. Expect to get it. Trust that it's coming.


This last step of letting go is very important in learning how to manifest anything you want. If you’re constantly asking “where is it?” that means you have doubts and/or are impatient, which creates negative feelings and distances you from your goal. So let go and just relax. Let things happen when the time is right and when your energy is aligned with what you are trying to manifest. Then comes the last step of taking inspired action when you get an idea of something that you would feel good doing.





It may seem strange, but you have to prove to the universe that you are serious about what you are trying to manifest. Take inspired action when you feel the desire to do something that will bring you closer to your goal. Don’t force things. Tune into your thoughts and feelings and see if you sense what actions you might take. They should make you feel good and positive.


One way to show the universe that you are committed to your goal is to take action that demonstrates that you already have what you wanted. For example, if you are working on manifesting a new TV, you can already invite your friends to come over next month to watch the game on your new TV. By doing this, you are strengthening your belief and feeling like you already have what you want. Or you can list your old TV for sale because you feel confident that you are getting a new one delivered. You don’t have to go too far or do anything drastic, but you can just take small inspired action steps to prove that you believe what you are manifesting.


TIP: Here is another very simple example of inspired action. Let’s say that you’re trying to manifest a new TV. One day you randomly get an urge to take a walk. You wonder what to do. Well, you probably should take that walk. You would be surprised at the cool synchronicities that the Law of Attraction can bring you. When going on that walk you might meet a friend who might tell you about a great sale where you can get an amazing discount on a TV or even a free one! Anything is possible. Take positive actions that open you to possibilities.


Taking action is an important step. You can’t just sit around and wait. Act “as if” you already have manifested what you want. What would you be doing right now?


Please remember to examine your limiting beliefs before taking any action because if your subconscious mind rejects what you are trying to manifest, then you won’t have success with the Law of Attraction.





To experience the awesomeness of the Law of Attraction, start by manifesting something small in order to build your belief and train your subconscious mind. When you get it, celebrate your results. Be GRATEFUL. The more grateful you are, the more you will get of what you are grateful for. Say to yourself “How much better can things get?” and “What other amazing things are waiting for me today?”


If for some reason you are not receiving what you tried to manifest, remember to work on your subconscious beliefs as discussed in step 1 of the manifesting process.


Let us know how these tips work out for you or share other ones that you have had success with. When we find other useful strategies for manifesting with the Law of Attraction in 2018, we will share them with you as soon as possible, so check back often for updates. We hope this information helps you to manifest anything you want using the Law of Attraction. So grab your Law of Attraction planner or vision board and start attracting what you desire. Remember to manifest only good and positive things!


Happy manifesting!





Here is an infographic with the 7 powerful steps to take in order to manifest what you want fast.


manifest using law of attraction infographic


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