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What to Do When Bored: 8 Cool Things to Do Today





Are you bored? Stressed? Tired of doing the same thing over and over? Does your day go something like this: wake up, eat, go to work/school, eat, sleep, then repeat over and over? Boooring! We only live once. Many people don’t realize that they’re letting life pass by without enjoying it. They’re stuck in a routine and don’t know what to do to make life more fun. Are you one of them? Do you know how to spice up your existence? Not sure what to do when bored? People tend to postpone “having fun,” but anything can happen tomorrow. How can you be sure that you’ll be able to do what you have planned in the future? Many times we regret not doing something when we had the chance. Now is the time to take a break and do something amazing. We only have the present moment. The future is not guaranteed for anyone.

If you’re thinking that you can’t afford to be doing anything right now, don’t worry! You can raise money online for pretty much anything. Here’s how to do that. So many people are funding their dreams that way. Check out the long list . It’s free, so you can try it out for yourself. All you have to do is explain your dream, what you want the funds for, and wait for them to start coming in from people who want to support your dream. Amazing, eh?

So, the money issue is solved. What if you don’t have time? You can make your life more exciting by doing something new for just an hour a day. Or you can try a new experience this weekend, or take that vacation you haven’t taken yet. You can always find time if you want to. Now you have no excuse to not enjoy life!

Do you need ideas? Here’s a list we compiled of cool things to do when bored or when you just want to have some fun and an amazing story to tell your friends and family. One day your grandchildren could be saying how awesome their grandma/grandpa was back in the day!


1. Meet famous actors, musicians, and other celebrities


Yes, you read that right! You can go to lunch or dinner with your favorite celebrity, attend VIP events, get exclusive access to movie sets, awards, Hollywood parties, and more! Get close to your favorite stars and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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2. Try urban adventure experiences


Transform your local city into a playground! Go on an adventurous tour and explore hidden parts that you never knew about. Yes, there must be something you haven’t seen yet. Adventurous intellectuals can find backlit clues at night in the Illuminati Hunt or see if they can solve the clues in the Da Vinci's Gold scavenger hunt. Everyone has some desire for adventure. You don’t have to turn into Indiana Jones, but you can still discover something new right in your hometown or the nearest city.

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3. Travel to amazing destinations around the world


Visiting new places opens your mind. Enjoy amazing all-inclusive vacations and see exotic parts of the world and hidden treasures. Explore the jungle, visit ancient ruins, see a volcano, go on a safari, swim with beautiful creatures underwater, or choose an exciting tour closer to home. Discover the real you, meet great people and create lifelong relationships. Remember, we discussed above how you can get money to travel. You can also find some absolutely amazing deals. So stop making excuses and start traveling.

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4. Spoil the sports fan in you and meet the world’s top talent


Enjoy truly unique and exclusive experiences with some of the greatest names of sports! Meet your favorite players, get private lessons and training from some of the best in the industry, attend a sports event, or just take your favorite star to lunch!

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5. Enjoy life and culture experiences


Explore a selection of culturally enhancing experiences that can take you on a journey from continent to continent, from beginner to advanced and from fine wine to fine food. Nurture your body, mind and soul and quench your desire to experience the finer things in life from dancing to dining, art to astrology, and underground urbanism to upscale enlightenment!

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6. Relax by cooking

relax by cooking

Try cooking with a world class chef in your own home! Learn how to make chocolate or master the art of cooking five course meals. Work with the chef to design a winning menu and discover how to execute it perfectly. Animate your senses! Cooking can be a delicious way to relax, bring some excitement to your day and beat boredom.

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7. Get an in-person makeover from professional celebrity makeup artists


If you’re bored with the way you look, get an amazing makeover. You can try a personalized styling session, a private makeup workshop, modeling tips to look your best, and more cool stuff to feel gorgeous. In addition, you can go to lunch with a famous stylist or tour their fashion headquarters!

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8. Have an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience


If you’re an active thrill seeker, then you can enjoy a unique adventure experience. Spend some time in the wilderness, go on a balloon expedition over Mt. Everest, try a skiing adventure in Antarctica, or see breathtaking places with a world-renowned photojournalist!

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We hope that these ideas will help you enjoy life today. Check out more fun things to do with your friends or by yourself.

Let us know what other awesome things you have done to make your day more exciting and to live an amazing life!



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