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Life should be an adventure. That's what we told ourselves years ago and ever since have been striving to create a different lifestyle, one that makes us excited to wake up every morning. Life is too short to spend it doing things you don't enjoy. Every moment should fill you with exciting energy.

Five years ago we were daydreaming about traveling to exotic destinations and seeing the world. So eventually we left our corporate jobs and entered the world of adventure, freedom, and all that is unique. We used to be too focused on work and living a busy life without stopping to enjoy the moment. We were doing typical things, getting typical results and experiencing not so good "typical" feelings. We weren't living to our full potential. We realized that from the moment we were born, we entered the world of competition, norms and expectations. We didn't have the possibility to try something new and experience a different feeling. We were unable to fully enjoy life.

How many times have you said "I'll try this later" or "I'll go there when I retire" or "I would really like to do this but..." and then found numerous excuses to postpone actually "living" your life? We used to say that all the time and then thought, well, who guarantees that we will get a chance to do these things in the future? After meeting people who have a completely different lifestyle and point of view (ranging from the small medieval towns of Italy to the ancient lands in Peru), we saw that it is possible to slow down and savor every minute. We learned to value free time, exploration, and adventure. 

Now, after visiting over 20 countries and sampling products and experiences from many different places and cultures, we decided that we want to help others find more enthusiasm in their lives. Our view of life is that it is like a buffet. We should try different options to figure out what makes us happy. Today, not tomorrow. Life shouldn't be typical. It should be extravagant and exciting. Life is supposed to be about enjoyment, not struggle. So we decided to quit the typical and provide you with access to many unique concepts, products and experiences, hoping that some of them will resonate with you and help you have more magnificent moments. We created this website to provide you with a portal between the ordinary and the amazing. 

You have a choice. You decide how to live your life. Try something different. Explore the unusual. Animate your senses. Quit the typical.

We are very excited to share ideas with you and we hope that you enjoy!


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