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Smart Sports Gear Teaches You How to Play Like a Pro


Would you have ever imagined a way to perfectly measure your performance while cycling or playing soccer, basketball and tennis? Probably not, but many well-known sporting goods companies have made it real and possible. They have developed special sports gear, such as smart balls and smart racquets, to collect important data and consequently better understand and improve your performance.


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For example, Babolat has created a smart racquet with invisible sensors integrated into the handle which can record the type and number of strokes, speed, spin level, strings-placement and other variables (ball impact, location, total and effective play time, power, endurance, technique, consistency, energy and rallies). LifeBEAM , for cycling, did the same with the Smart Helmet that can monitor heart rate and count your calories. All information is automatically sent to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or you can choose to upload it later on your computer via USB.        


babolat smart racquet lifebeam smart helmet         


Similarly, 94Fifty , the official ball of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, has crafted a smart ball with inertial motion sensors connected to an app compatible with iOs and Android. They can give immediate audio and visual feedback on shooting and ball-handling skills. In addition, the sensors can measure your shooting arc, shot backspin, shot-release speed and dribble intensity. Of course the world of soccer could not be left behind and analogous concepts are also applied to the amazing Adidas miCoach smart ball .


        Adidas miCoach smart ball 94fifty ball


Now the question is, is that enough? Maybe not. Maybe in the future we might integrate these sensors within our body and they can automatically send the data to our brain. Then, we would be able to define automatically the view angle and other parameters, such as height, direction and range. Too much? Let’s see what technology would bring us in the future!


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