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Amazing Places to Visit in Europe


In the last few years we traveled extensively throughout Europe and would like to share with you some of our favorite destinations. Paris, Rome and many other famous cities are beautiful, but we wanted to show you additional great places that we discovered are usually cheaper, allow you to more easily interact with locals, taste homemade cooking and overall provide a more unique experience.


San Gimignano, Italy

Located in the heart of Tuscany, this walled medieval town situated on a hill is very picturesque and close to other notable cities like Siena and Florence. We loved the friendly atmosphere and pleasant aroma in the streets.


San Gimignano  San Gimignano Visit


By the way, did you know that in Italy you can sleep in a castle (without spending a lot!)? We stayed at Castello di Meleto, located about an hour from San Gimignano. Not only did we have almost the entire castle to ourselves, but we also had the opportunity to taste local wine, tour secret parts of the castle and enjoy breathtaking views of Tuscany from the pool!


Castello di Meleto  Castello di Meleto Theatre



Èze, France

During our trip through the French Riviera we discovered Èze – a small and very charming village. It is close to Nice and has beautiful panoramic views. Not to mention the coffee we had there was delicious!


Eze  Eze Visit



The Highlands, Scotland

While in Scotland, we took a trip from Edinburgh to Loch Ness (fortunately we didn’t see the monster of Loch Ness during our boat ride!). We were absolutely stunned by the Highlands. The scenery was enchanting: small villages, castles, and beautiful nature! Our tour guide played epic music during the whole trip and made us feel like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.


  Scotland  Scotland Visit

Montserrat, Spain

Spanish charm on top of a mountain located near Barcelona! We visited the Benedictine Abbey, which can be reached by cable car and offers amazing views of unique rock formations.


Montserrat Visit  Montserrat Photo



Porto Flavia, Sardinia

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island and one of the five Blue Zones in the world (hotspots where people live healthier lives and many reach the age of 100). Not only does the island have amazing beaches and wild nature, but it also provides the opportunity to have various new experiences. Have you ever visited a mineral production hub in front of the sea? We explored one in Porto Flavia, a harbor whose characteristics make it unique in the world.


Porto Flavia Sardinia  Visit the Most Beautiful Places in Sardegna


If these photos have sparked your desire to travel, check out amazing destinations here and read some useful travel guides.

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