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How to Relax and Be Stress-Free


Is it possible to live life without stress? We all know of the fight-or-flight response and how useful it is in situations when our survival is threatened. However, how many of you actually face an angry lion or a bear on a daily basis (probably the only similar attack you experience nowadays is at work...)? Modern society has brought people into an unstoppable downward spiral of stress. Long work hours have become a typical and accepted way to live. Everything has become competition.

Every day people are faced with bills, bureaucracy, rent, never-ending administrative mistakes, duties that they really don't care about and many other worries. This has led people to lose sight of some very important things in life, such as free time, relaxation and the search for happiness. There's no price for that. So, why is it that society is designed to make people struggle and suffer? Why do humans insist on complicating their existence? The answer lies in their feelings, ambitions, thirst for money and power, arrogance, insolence, ignorance, superstitions, thoughts, beliefs, and the list can go on.




The more interesting question is why do people keep living in this stressful way? Why doesn’t everyone change the toxic environment and experiences that they are surrounded with? People keep putting up with extremely high levels of stress, whether they realize it or not. It builds up and eventually turns into an illness. We understand that sometimes we may be in difficult circumstances where stress is absolutely unavoidable for a short period of time, but one can always find a way to escape from it in the long run if they try.

We found some interesting thoughts from the Tibetan culture and we believe that this speaker is right. We spend our lives planning for the day that we will finally have the chance to relax. Unfortunately, most of the time that day never comes! First we are taught to start planning for school, then college, then work, then starting a family, then retirement…it’s one plan after another. Every day people lie to themselves saying that if they do this one next thing, then they will finally get the chance to relax and enjoy their life. Hmmm…what’s wrong with this method of thinking?

Check out the following two videos. Hopefully they will get you thinking and help you start relaxing NOW, not planning to only relax in the future.

People can figure out ways to escape from stress by reserving some time to start thinking that we are on this planet to enjoy its whole beauty. The change has to come from within ourselves in order to reset our mindset and behavior. We have compiled some great ways to help you get started. Check them out here .

Life is supposed to be amazing. NOW. Today. What are you doing about it?




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