Blog 21 August 2015

Amazing Inventions: 3D Printed Car, 3D Printed Organs, 3D Printed Food




We continue on our quest to show you the most amazing things in the world. In our blog post about nanotechnology applications and life in the future we pointed out some incredible discoveries that will have a huge impact on our lives very soon. Besides the fascinating world of nanotechnology, there is another amazing technology : 3D printing. So, what is 3D printing? It's a process where a printer can build three dimensional objects from a digital file. It adds an additional dimension (z axis) to what an ordinary printer does. How do 3D printers work? They just create the desired object by adding layer by layer the material according to the specifications of the digital file used to make the 3D model.

You are probably wondering what cool 3D printed stuff is out there. Here are some unique and innovative 3D printing creations that can dramatically change our lives.


3D Printed Organs

3d printed organs


Our first example is something incredible: 3D printed organs! There is a large interest in the creation of artificial organs meant to replace, or even improve the human body. That's what scientists are planning to do by trying to use live cells instead of the usual plastic materials. These so called "bioprinters" can easily solve the huge demand of organs and save the lives of many people. You can read more about it here . Amazing isn’t it? Think of all the possibilities that we can have in the future if this becomes available to everyone.


3D Printed Food

3d printed food


Can you imagine not having to go to the grocery store at all? You just wake up, turn on your 3D food printer and make any meal you want! How awesome would that be? Well, this possibility is getting more and more real. For example, the Hershey Company and 3D Systems have established a partnership that unveiled a 3D chocolate printer that makes different designs in milk, dark, or white chocolate! How cool would it be to create chocolate designs at home? This could be a fun and delicious way to enjoy the evening after a long day. If you’re interested in the latest 3D food printing news, click here to learn more.


3D Printed Car

the worlds first 3d printed car strati


3D printing will shake the traditional automotive world very soon! The launch of a 3D printed car is announced for next year. The prototype was showed in the Detroit auto show by the Arizona-based company called Local Motors. The creation of a car with a 3D printer is a bit different compared to classical 3D printing since this company deposits one pixel at a time. The car, called Strati, is 100% electric and takes 44 hours to print. Watch this video to learn more:





3D Printed Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

 Wearable 3D Printed Shoes    3d printed clothes


The option to 3D print your own clothes, shoes and jewelry is really amazing. Just think about the level of uniqueness and exclusivity of your creations. Not to mention the fact that they will fit perfectly on your body with no need to try on thousands of clothes and shoes for nothing!

Check out the world’s first 3D printed gown! It is based on the Fibonacci sequence and really challenged any tailor’s skills.




Could it also be possible to have a 3D printed home? When will we be able to buy it? Probably in the upcoming ten or twenty years 3D modeling will revolutionize the real estate market too! What do you think?

So how will 3D printing change the world in the future? Check out this video to learn more about 3D printing and to discover other cool ideas in addition to those discussed above.




If you are as fascinated by cool stuff and 3D printing as we are, explore some one-of-a-kind 3D printed designs . Let us know what you think!



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