Blog 19 October 2015

7 of the Most Innovative Products and Cool Tech Gadgets for Your Home 


Every day we read about smart technology , wearables, and home tech with innovative design. They definitely have the potential of making life better and more amazing. So, what are the latest technological innovations? We have compiled a list of some of the most innovative products and cool tech gadgets for your home.

Check out these 7 examples of innovation:


1. Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

cool tech gadgets_Foobot_Indoor_Air_Quality_Monitor.jpg

Foobot is the newest technology of its kind. It’s the first indoor air quality monitor able to learn from your habits at an affordable price. It provides real-time alerts of pollution levels and helps you see pollution cycles so you can improve the air in your home. This smart technology can identify the events in your life that influence your indoor air quality so you have the necessary knowledge.

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2. NEEO The Thinking Remote for Your Smart Home


This smart remote will be released on October 28th this year. It revolutionizes the way you interact with the technology in your home. The cool tech has hand recognition and very simple setup. It allows you to control your TV, lighting, heating and more. This “brain” can be used with all of your cool tech gadgets.

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3.Orb Levitating Bluetooth Speaker




This beautiful levitating speaker defies and challenges the conventional methods of listening to music. The cool tech has a levitating Orb and a base capable of doubling as a charging dock. This awesome new innovation and emerging technology is more than just a style statement - it is the tomorrow of music, TODAY.

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3   4. Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden


The Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden is the easiest indoor gardening product that will take care of your plants for you. Just plug it in, install the cartridges and add a little water. The garden will take care of everything else. The innovative product has built-in water level and light sensors. The smart soil makes sure the plant gets enough oxygen and nutrients at all times. This cool new technology is truly unique and it helps the herbs grow a little faster but still 100% naturally. No GMO's or pesticides!

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5. Pebblebee Honey Item Finder with the Most Possibilities


This product with innovative design is a tracker for finding the items you've misplaced. You can attach it to your keys, wallet, purse, computer, luggage or even your pet for added peace of mind. You can stick this smart wireless remote to any surface or take it on the go. It serves as a shortcut to your phone and other devices. This smart tech can be used to control your music, text your friends, snap selfies and much more! It has 150 ft range, which is 50% further than its competition.

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6.Phonotonic Move to Make Music


This is the first smart object that turns your movement into music! Imagine dancing around in your living room and making actual music. This is a truly unique experience. You can control the beat and the melody just by moving. The cool tech turns your movements into music in real time. Just choose your favorite songs! You can remove the sensor and place it in everyday objects, in a sports ball, in your clothes…you can put it in your socks and dance to make music.

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7. Mojio Car Monitoring and Smart Tracking System


Mojio provides insights that allow for an improved driving experience. It makes it possible for cars to communicate with drivers so that they are better informed on or off the road. This is a great example of emerging technologies. The smart tech works like your own personal mechanic. Mojio provides maintenance reminders and diagnoses car trouble so that you're in control of your car's health at all times.

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For a full list of really cool stuff , amazing upcoming technology and cool tech gadgets for your home, check out this innovation hub or this list of innovative products .





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