Blog 14 January 2018

The Meaning of 11:11 and Why You Keep Seeing It

Have you been seeing 11 11 everywhere? Maybe every time you look at the clock it’s 11:11 or you notice it somewhere else (license plates, the hour and minute you sent an email, etc.)? So what does the number 1111 mean? Are you wondering “why do I keep seeing 1111?”

Blog 11 January 2018

How to Manifest Your Dreams Following Your Excitement

The number one thing that you can do to have a better life is to follow your joy and excitement. What does that mean? It means that in any given moment you should feel (not think, but FEEL) what activity makes you the most excited and do that. Apply this strategy throughout the day for everything: chores, work, relationships, choices, etc.

Blog 13 December 2017

How to Raise Your Vibration Fast – 31 Powerful Ways

Would you like to know how to raise your vibration fast and feel good all the time? The Law of Vibration explains that since everything around us is energy, what you attract into your life depends on the vibrations that you are emitting. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep a high vibration every minute of every day (if you want to attract positive experiences).

Blog 26 June 2017

The Ultimate Law of Attraction Formula – How to Manifest Anything You Want Fast

What is the Law of Attraction? Find out how to use it correctly to manifest your desires quickly. This is the ultimate guide on manifesting what you want: money, wealth, relationships, winning the lottery and more.

Blog 01 April 2016

Cool Things to Buy on Amazon

Are you looking for a unique gift or something cool to buy from Amazon for yourself? There are a lot of awesome things out there that you probably haven’t even heard of. To save you time browsing through, we have compiled a list of 10 cool things you can purchase from Amazon.

Blog 22 February 2016

The Best Deals Online Today and Amazing Daily Steals

Living an amazing life doesn’t have to be expensive. We have compiled amazing daily steals and the best deals online today. We are giving you many exclusive coupons not available anywhere else. Check our Choosamazing Blog weekly for the best deals on technology, travel, home décor, activities, gadgets, and much more! Here are some amazing deals that we found for this week.

Blog 11 February 2016

5 of the Coolest and Best Drones to Buy

The popularity of drones, formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV),is increasing and their applications are becoming more and more amazing. They are used in surveillance, journalism, sports, photography, and many places where humans have restricted access. Check out some of the newest and best drones to buy if you're looking for amazing technology.

Blog 24 January 2016

Infographic: Cool New Technology From CES 2016

Check out this infographic of some of the most amazing inventions and cool new technology from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016. Which ones would you like to try and why? Let us know!



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