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19 Cool Gadgets to Buy and Awesome Inventions That Can Make Life Easier and More Fun


Inventions play an important role in our lives. If you are addicted to technology, you are probably eager to discover the latest cool gadgets to buy. The science fiction author and inventor Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The 19 absolutely amazing inventions that we listed below can be considered just that. Many can seem like awesome toys, but they actually solve important issues and some of them even come with an eco-friendly design.


1. Fully Foldable, Electric, Sit or Stand Scooter  


This scooter's sturdy aluminum frame folds down to 50% of its volume for easy storage in an office, apartment closet, or the trunk of a car! Its retractable seat lets you ride either seated or standing while keeping both feet on the footrests. Built into the front wheel, the scooter's 350 watt electric motor can propel a single rider weighing up to 250 lbs. up 9% inclines.


2. 3Doodler 2.0 Drawing Pen

3Doodler 2.0 Drawing Pen

Turn your sketches into amazing 3D sculptures! The redesigned 3Doodler 2.0 is the world's best pen that lets you draw in 3D, so you can sculpt amazing objects and models from the ground up. Try making an Eiffel Tower, a skyscraper, or anything else you can imagine. The possibilities are endless! It's slimmer (75% smaller), lighter (only 1.8 oz!), and stronger than the original. Enhanced airflow cools the plastic almost immediately, making it even easier to doodle in the air. It uses safe, PLA plastic "drawing sticks" that harden in seconds after dispensed. What will YOU create?


3. Smart Remote Outlet


This smart remote outlet lets you control power and monitor energy usage from anywhere. It has one standard outlet and one smart outlet, which you can turn on and off remotely. The smart outlet also keeps track of your energy consumption so you can better manage your budget.


4. Gesture Control Armband  


This smart armband reads the electrical activity of your muscles and gives you touch-free control of technology with hand gestures and motion. It detects five distinct hand gestures to wirelessly control tech, like music, games, and presentation slides, all with the flick of a wrist. You can also map gestures to key strokes for customized control, or dig into the open API and free, easy-to-use SDK to create scripts and applications that put technology at your fingertips.


5. Ring Zero

ring zero

Ring is a cloud control device. You put it on your finger, make a gesture, and it will allow you to control many things without touching! This magical tool makes your life much easier and more enjoyable. Ring can not only control your smart phones, but can also post on Evernote, Twitter, and Facebook. It's compatible with other wearables such as Google glass, smart watch, etc. In addition, you can play games and control home appliances (another device required). If your coffee machine will start when the power is turned on, you can control that too!


6. The World's First Smart Electric Skates  


These cool and innovative electric roller skates propel a wearer at up to 12 mph! Two sets of step-in footplates secure most types of footwear with strap bindings similar to those on snowboard boots, accommodating small and large feet. Supporting riders up to 250 lbs., each skate’s twin 6”-diam. wheels has a 55-watt motor integrated into its fiber-reinforced nylon frame. Tilting forward on the toes accelerates while tilting back on the heel gently brakes. The footplates also pivot down to put your foot in contact with the ground for walking or going upstairs. Each skate has a removable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 1 ½ hours of continuous power (up to a 6-mile/45 min. range), ideal for travel across a school campus, to a local cafe, or while roaming a neighborhood festival!


7. World's Best Active Stylus Pen for Tablets and Smartphones

World's Best Active Stylus Pen for Tablets and Smartphones

DotPen redefines drawing and writing on tablets and smartphones. It actually feels and writes just like a pen, does not require special software, and works with any iOS, Android, and Windows touch interface device. At 143 mm long and 11.9mm in diameter, DotPen feels like a real pen and features a unique 1.9 mm Active-Quill tip producing amazing fluid pin-point writing accuracy. Powered by "MagicTouch" technology, it does not rely on special pre-installed software or specific apps. With a touch of a button, DotPen instantly activates to work across any device using capacitive touch. It introduces a unique Active-Quill writing tip. Crafted from a durable thermoplastic, the Active-Quill tip has an extremely low coefficient of friction which glides effortlessly over glass displays with zero latency. This precision fine point tip feels remarkably like a real pen and provides stunning clarity of resolution for both drawing and writing.


8. Telepresence Robot 

telepresence robot

Having your own double in the office means you can be free to roam around anywhere without having to schedule a meeting! Place an iPad tablet in this mobile robotic base and control it via a remote iOS device or computer (Chrome browser preferred) from anywhere in the world. It takes telecommuting to a whole new level by allowing you to have a physical presence in the office and speak to co-workers at anytime. You can go to meetings & video chat remotely. Drive around your home or office on the self-balancing, wheeled base!


9. The World's First Intelligent Wearable Camera


Autographer is a new type of camera which has been custom built to enable spontaneous, hands-free image capture. Its world-leading technology includes a custom 136°eye-view lens that sees what you see, an ultra small GPS unit to collect location data and five built-in sensors. These sensors are managed by a sophisticated algorithm that tells the camera exactly the right moments to take photos for you, so you can enjoy your adventures without stopping to capture the memories. You've never met a camera like this before. You can start recording special days from different perspectives as naturally and spontaneously as they happen.


10. The Only Rechargeable Long Range Wireless Stereo Speakers


These are the only pair of splash-proof, long-range wireless speakers that provide robust stereo quality sound without the need for alkaline batteries or a power outlet. The system's 2.4GHz radio transmitter sends interference-free audio from any music device to the speakers up to 250' away-8X the range of common Bluetooth systems. Each 5-watt speaker has a 3 1/2"-diameter woofer, 2 1/2" tweeter, bass reflex port, individual volume control, and left/right channel selection for providing clear highs, mids, and solid bass with true stereo quality. An iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android smartphone, or other MP3 player connects to the transmitter. The transmitter can plug into a component stereo system or into a TV.


11. Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard


Put the future at your fingertips with this virtual laser keyboard! Revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. Advanced optics track your fingers like magic. Easily pair the laser projection keyboard with your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Compact, keychain design makes this virtual keyboard super portable. It transforms a flat surface into an instant work station. So you can type up a storm any time you want!


12. Water Powered Alarm Clock

Water Powered Alarm Clock

This water powered digital clock works up to 12 weeks by simply adding water and a small amount of lemon juice. No batteries needed!


13. Self Balancing Mini Personal Transporter

self balancing mini personal transporter.jpg

The Q-Bot, a mini 2 wheel standup scooter, is one of the smallest and light weight upright personal transporter vehicles in the world. This mini "self balancing" style scooter can achieve a top speed of 10 mph and make a zero turning radius. The Q-Bot Seg-scooter is a recreational, practical and functional transportation vehicle that will guarantee hours of nonstop motion. Due to its light weight of only 39 lbs and its stylish design of collapsible handlebars, you can easily transport and store it with convenience in a vehicle's trunk, boat, train, subway, bus or overhead bin on an airplane. This two wheel balancing personal transporter "Segway Style" is powered by light weight lithium batteries and is therefore eco-friendly. It allows you to have loads of fun while saving the environment at the same time. The Q-bot operation is similar to the walking ability of the human body on a sloping surface.


14. The Ultra-Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker With 100% Natural Eco-friendly Bamboo Casing  

portable natural eco-friendly bamboo speaker.jpg

This ultra-portable speaker was inspired by places: New York, Shanghai, Venice Beach, Wellfleet. If you love to travel, this product is one that can travel with you. This is a 100% eco-friendly bamboo speaker that uses bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your phone. Phenomenal sound quality, beautiful design and the best value on the market make this a truly unique product. The speaker was built for active lifestyles. The park, the beach, the hotel room, wherever you go, it provides the soundtrack!


15. Port Solar Charger

port solar charger

The Port Solar Charger is the ideal mobile solar charger with embedded USB port. Due to the integrated suction pad it can be attached to any window, whether it's at home, in the car or on the plane. You are backed up by an internal 1000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery which brings your stored sun-power wherever you go!


16. Personal Environment Monitor


If you're obsessed with germs and cleanliness, then this item is for you. It analyzes the quality of the environment that you are in. The monitor collects information about the invisible world around you, such as particles and molecules. You get a set of 4 personal environment sensors: 1 Geiger counter, 1 EMF sensor, 1 Organic sensor and 1 temperature/humidity sensor. You can connect the monitor directly to iOS smart device to provide real time data. In addition, you can save data and share it with friends with the Lapka app.


17. 100% Wire-Free HD Security Camera

100% Wire-Free HD Security Camera

Arlo Smart Home security cameras are the world’s only 100% wire-free, HD, indoor/outdoor video cameras for home monitoring. Motion activated cameras initiate automatic recording and alert you via email or app notifications. Free apps enable remote monitoring from anywhere and with the built-in night vision you’ll even see in dark!


18. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch